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Sharks, with lasers? I sure hope not!

You’re always told not to believe what you hear, only what you see but, what if both are equally as absurd as the other?

That’s what happened when folks in the Bahamas saw a “shark in the water with a real-life laser attached to it’s body”, spread the word, watched it go viral and then got back the ensuing “Yeah, right!” from the world.

Well, unfortunately for us all, they were right!

The Herald Sun writes:

SHARKS with frickin’ lasers on their heads? Oh god, it’s real.

News just in confirms that last weekend, a shark in the Bahamas was seen with a frickin’ laser attached.

The shark was a ferocious lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris), measuring more than two metres in length.

The laser was, well, a little disappointing to be honest – a “low end of potential energy output” model from George Lucas-bothering laser manufacturers Wicked Lasers.


The frightening experiment was conducted by Wicked Lasers after it posted a Facebook statement last week saying if 2000 people Like their post by May 27, they’ll attach a real laser to a real shark.

That was Friday. By Monday, the laser was searing parts of the Bahamas sea floor and blinding clownfish.

Read more at heraldsun.com


The mummy of Hunefer, shown supported by the god Anubis (or a priest wearing a jackal mask). Hunefer's wife mourns, and two priests perform rituals.

An unexpected find by Egyptologist, John Taylor, has made a remarkable impact on the piecing together of the entire, original manuscript of the ancient Egyptian tome, the Book Of The Dead.

Wikipedia says about the book:

The Book of the Dead is made up of a number of individual texts and their accompanying illustrations. Most sub-texts begin with the word ro, which can mean mouth, speech, a chapter of a book, spell, utterance, or incantation. This ambiguity reflects the similarity in Egyptian thought between ritual speech and magical power. In the context of the Book of the Dead, it is typically translated as either “chapter” or “spell”. In this article, the word “spell” is used.

At present, some 192 spells are known,though no single manuscript contains them all. They served a range of purposes. Some are intended to give the deceased mystical knowledge in the afterlife, or perhaps to identify them with the gods: for instance, Spell 17, an obscure and lengthy description of the god Atum. Others are incantations to ensure the different elements of the dead person’s being were preserved and reunited, and to give the deceased control over the world around him. Still others protect the deceased from various hostile forces, or guide him through the underworld past various obstacles. Famously, two spells also deal with the judgement of the deceased in the Weighing of the Heart ritual.


CBC News writes:

Papyrus fragments from an Egyptian funerary text known as a Book of the Dead have been discovered in the archives of the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia.

“We are incredibly surprised that we had such a significant object in our collection,” museum CEO Ian Galloway told Australian press.

The discovery was made recently during a visit to the museum by British Museum Egyptologist John Taylor.

While on a tour of the Australian venue’s Egyptian collection ahead of its new exhibit Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb (which opened Thursday), Taylor noticed a familiar name — Amenhotep, a well-known ancient Egyptian head of builders — on a fragile piece of papyrus long ago conserved by Queensland Museum curators.

Upon further examination of the collection, he confirmed that the ancient scraps were from The Book of the Dead of Amenhotep, an ancient Egyptian official from approximately 1420 B.C.

Read more at  cbc.ca/news


Did NASA capture a ufo on film near the Sun?

NASA cameras have caught something very interesting hanging out near the sun recently.

The photo above shows a white streak in the bottom left hand corner which, in the time-lapse style the photo was taken in, represents a large, moving object, oddly close to the sun. In fact, they’ve never seen anything like it before!

Whatever it is, we can be sure it’s big, it’s floating around in space, it can withstand the heat of the sun, and it moves of its’ own accord and, that alone is fascinating!

Daily Mail writes:

A strange object flying close to the sun looks unnervingly like a huge, metallic ‘mothership’ familiar from Hollywood blockbusters.

The picture was released by Nasa’s sun-watching Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, known as SOHO – and has become an immediate cult hit on the internet.

UFO fan site Gather News said: ‘An unusually shaped, gigantic UFO was spotted on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and posted in a video on YouTube.

‘The unidentified flying object, which bears no resemblance to anything ever spotted near the Sun, somehow manages to withstand the blazing heat thrown off by solar flare activity and the incredibly high temperatures emanating from nuclear fusion generated on the surface of the star.

Read more at dailymail.co.uk


Ales Stenar aka Ale's Stones in Sweden.

A little fishing village in Sweden is used to getting a bit of attention for its’ unusual set of monolithic stones that were placed in the outline of a ship on it’s beautiful, bright green coast 1,ooo years ago. Some recent investigations on the other-hand, have discovered the stones may actually date back quite a bit older than originally thought, from 1,000 years old to 2,500 years old.

Live Science writes:

Ancient Scandinavians dragged 59 boulders to a seaside cliff near what is now the Swedish fishing village of Kåseberga. They carefully arranged the massive stones — each weighing up to 4,000 pounds (1,800 kilograms) — in the outline of a 220-foot-long (67-meter) ship overlooking the Baltic Sea.

Archaeologists generally agree this megalithic structure, known as Ales Stenar (“Ale’s Stones”), was assembled about 1,000 years ago, near the end of  the Iron Age, as a burial monument. But a team of researchers now argues it’s really 2,500 years old, dating from the Scandinavian Bronze Age, and was built as an astronomical calendar with the same underlying geometry as England’s Stonehenge.

Read more at livescience.com


Does the vastly unexplored Congo of Africa hide the legendary Mokele-mbembe?

An adventurous man and some friends of his have decided they are going on a mission. A mission that involves traveling to the most remote, dense, and dangerous part of the Republic of Congo’s very own jungle to discover and catalog hundreds of new species of insects, plant life, and oh yeah… to hunt for a living dinosaur that eats hippos. You know, everyday stuff.

According to the legends and stories told be natives, he shouldn’t have much trouble. They tell of a creature that resembles the species of dinosaurs known as Sauropods, with short legs, long necks, and even longer tails.

Yahoo News writes:

A young Missouri man has turned to the Internet in search of investors for his expedition into the remote jungles of Africa seeking to document undiscovered flora and fauna. That is not so unusual, but one of the creatures he hopes to find is: a living dinosaur.

The region Stephen McCullah, the organizer of the expedition, has chosen to explore is the reputed home of the Mokèlé-mbèmbé, a dinosaur-like creature said to be up to 35 feet long (11 meters), with brownish-gray skin and a long, flexible neck. Many locals believe that it lives in the caves it digs in riverbanks, and that the beast feeds on elephants, hippos and crocodiles.

McCullah posted his pitch on Kickstarter.com asking for $27,000 in donations so that he and his friends can launch the Newmac Expedition, “one of the first expeditions in this century with the goal of categorizing plant and animal species in the vastly unexplored Republic of the Congo.” The preliminary four-man venture is slated to launch June 26.

Read more at news.yahoo.com


Do asteroids passing near Earth have minerals worth mining for?

A new investment from famous director James Cameron and friends, Google’s chief executive Larry Page and its executive chairman Eric Schmidt have given themselves the lofty goal of mining asteroids that come near Earth for precious minerals.

BBC News writes:

Details have been emerging of the plan by billionaire entrepreneurs to mine asteroids for their resources.

The multi-million-dollar plan would use robotic spacecraft to squeeze chemical components of fuel and minerals such as platinum and gold out of the rocks.

The founders include film director and explorer James Cameron as well as Google’s chief executive Larry Page and its executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

They even aim to create a fuel depot in space by 2020.

However, several scientists have responded with scepticism, calling the plan daring, difficult and highly expensive.

Read more at bbc.co.uk


32-year old She Ping wearing over 300,000 (almost 73 pounds) of bees!

Bee-daredevil (didn’t know there was such a thing), She Ping donned a suit consisting of 330,000 bees that weighed up to 73 pounds the other day at an attempt to break the world record for, well… wearing bees.

Sadly, his attempt was in vein due to the fact that another man, 42-year-old beekeeper Wang Dalin, that wore a suit of 613,500 bees that weighed 136 pounds in July of 2011.

Wang Dalin in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, China on July 17, 2011.

The Time writes:

She Ping, a beekeeper and farmer near the southwestern Chinese city of Chonqing, attempted to set a record for the most bees worn on a human body. And while he successfully donned a buzzing, swarming bodysuit weighing 33.1 kilograms (73 pounds), due to the vagaries of international bee record scoring, he may have fallen short of his goal.

While She’s estimated 331,000-bee feat might sound like a lot, and while he handily beat the previous Chinese title-holder Ruan Lianming (who wore 26.8 kilograms of bees in 2008), that might be only one of the record holders he’s contending with.

The details are a bit murky…But all these accomplishments may be for naught. The website of the Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t mention any of the Chinese bee-fashionistas; instead, it lists one Vipin Seth as wearing the world’s “heaviest mantle of bees.”

The Indian man wore a calculated 613,500 bees in his 61.4 kg mantle—which translates to a whopping 136 pounds and 4 ounces worth of bees, nearly double She’s recently-reported record.

Read more at newsfeed.time.com


This story flips science, and the age old question of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” right on it’s head!

The chick shown above was born out of its’ mother alive and hopping around, not inside an egg which, as we all know, is not how chickens are supposed to be born.

BBC news writes:

A Sri Lanka hen has given birth to a chick without an egg, in a new twist on the age-old question of whether the chicken or the egg came first.

Instead of passing out of the hen’s body and being incubated outside, the egg was incubated in the hen for 21 days and then hatched inside the hen.

The chick is fully formed and healthy, although the mother has died.

The government veterinary officer in the area said he had never seen anything like it before.

PR Yapa, the chief veterinary officer of Welimada, where it took place, examined the hen’s carcass.

He found that the fertilised egg had developed within the hen’s reproductive system, but stayed inside the hen’s body until it hatched.

Read more at bcc.co.uk/news


As if things weren’t creepy enough for the staff of a hotel that had recently had a UFO sighting, they were apparently paid a visit by the enigmatic figures known as “men in black,” which often appear on the scene shortly after a UFO encounter.

Afterwards, one of the hotel staff decided to check the security cams, and sure enough the MIB were captured by the hotel’s cameras.  If real, then this would mark the first time the mysterious “men in black” phenomenon has been recorded on video.

Could these figures be the mysterious "Men in Black"?

Ghost Theory writes:

From the Aerial Phenomen Investigations Team in Maryland comes this unique case with an exceptionally unique footage. According to the API Team, a recent UFO investigation case in Maryland received some attention from two strange looking men dressed in all black and looking so alike, that employees thought that they might be twins. They wore the exact same clothing, hats, and even had the same facial features. The men were captured on a hotel’s security camera entering the lobby in a straight strut.

According to those employees who talked to the men, they described them as tall, with extremely pale skin and no visible facial hair. Including no eyebrows and no eyelashes. Their eyes were described as being “so big and so blue, that they almost hypnotized..

Here’s a clip of the actual footage:


Read more:  http://www.ghosttheory.com/2012/04/19/security-camera-captures-men-in-black-after-ufo-sighting


Has the Loch Ness Monster known as 'Nessie' been caught on sonar?

This mobile phone photo supposedly shows the sonar read-out of what is said to be the Loch Ness Monster herself, Nessie.

Has she finally been discovered or has someone gotten a little ahead of themselves?

The sonar image showing a large, unidentified, living object deep underwater was recorded by Loch Ness boat skipper Marcus Atkinson.

Cryptomundo writes:

Questions are being raised a day after news of the new sonar image became widespread.

First off, it has been brought to my attention, as noted at the “Loch Ness Investigation” site of Dick Raynor’s, that,

“From time to time people on boats see unusual images on their fish-finder sonar screens, and if they are on Loch Ness there is always the possibility of accidental misinterpretation.”

Exampled explanations are shown here.

But perhaps truly damning, this year “Cruise Loch Ness” are running special monster hunting trips with underwater cameras on the boat skippered by…Marcus Atkinson – the man behind all the publicity of this new “discovery.”

Therefore, some locals are questioning Atkinson’s big splash in the media this week. Is it a marketing move?

Read more at cryptomundo.com





Image courtesy of sancarlosmexico.com

 Here’s just one more reason for me not to venture out into open water, among the hundreds of other reasons I’ve gathered thus far.

Two men fishing in the Sea of Cortez for small fish caught something a little bigger than a tuna when they hauled up their net. In fact, they may have caught the biggest and longest great white shark on record!

The giant 2000 lbs shark being pulled onto shore.

Grind TV writes:

Two commercial fishermen in Mexico received the surprise of a lifetime Sunday when they hauled up a great white shark measuring nearly 20 feet and weighing about 2,000 pounds, according to local news reports. The rare catch of such a large white shark — at 20 feet it’d be among the longest ever recorded — was made in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez near Guaymas, by fishermen who thought they had merely scored a large haul of much smaller fish as they hoisted up their net.

“We were amazed and immediately realized that we had a huge, dead, great white shark, and then we thought what are we going to do?,” Guadalupe, one of the fishermen, said in an interview with Pisces Sportfishing, which is located in the Baja California resort city of Cabo San Lucas. The other fisherman was named Baltazar.

The shark was dead when it was brought to the surface. The fishermen, whose skiff measures 22 feet and is powered by a 75-horsepower outboard, required an hour to tow the carcass two miles to the coast. About 50 people helped drag the behemoth onto dry sand. Milenio News reported the length of the fish to be six meters, or 19.8 feet.

Read more at grindtv.com/outdoor


Queen's Arms Pub frequent guest, Ashley Beland.

Well here’s one ghost, named ‘Grasper’, has been getting a little too friendly for the owners and customers of a bar in Birmingham.

It seems this spirit that lingers around is always in a frisky mood and pinches guests and staffs behinds all the time!

Not a bad way to spend the afterlife, I suppose.

The Sun writes:

Terrified regulars at the Queen’s Arms have been keeping their backs to the wall since they realised the randy ghost was stalking the bar.

And it has become so bothersome that the exasperated owners have had called in a team of ghostbusters to give the saucy spook the bum’s rush.

Staff at the Birmingham city centre boozer have nicknamed the ghost Grasper after they described feeling a “firm pinch” to the buttocks.

Assistant manager Paula Wharton, 41, initially believed the tweaks on her body were muscle spasms.

She said: “One night three of us were talking and I mentioned that I’d felt this pinch on my bum, and everyone else said that it had happened to them too.

Read more at thesun.co.uk


Is this image proof of a white bigfoot?

A recently released video has re-sparked some interest in the all mighty cryptid, Bigfoot. Yet, this time instead of being silver or brown, he’s solid white.

Our friends over at Cryptomundo.com have posted an extensive video breakdown of some fantastic footage that has surfaced of a white bigfoot captured on a trail camera the property owner had set up.

Cryptomundo writes:

We’re not sure how recent this alleged Bigfoot footage is that M.K. Davis has in his possession, but it shows an amazing white Bigfoot on all-fours, and then getting up on two legs, sprinting out of view at an incredible rate. According to Davis, this alleged white Bigfoot came from the southern part of the United States. Davis also points out the sheer size of the Sasquatch compared to the cow in front of it.

Accompanying the footage is a “howl” audio lasting about 3 seconds. You can listen to this towards the end of the breakdown.

Read more @ cryptomundo.com

Here’s another video that is said to show a ‘white bigfoot’:


Michele Callan and Josue Chinchilla's and their haunted house in New Jersey. (image credit abc news)

Now, I’ve heard plenty of ghost stories about homes so spooky and ‘haunted’ that terrified residents flee the house the house in horror, never to return again. Never have I heard of said residents actually taking it a step further like Michele Callan and her fiance, Josue Chinchilla have by suing their landlord for the trouble and stress they’ve had to endure, with their children, since moving into the home in New Jersey and living with the unseen and troublseome housemates.

ABC News writes:

A New Jersey couple is suing their landlord for a refund after they said paranormal activity caused them to flee their rental home.

Michele Callan and her fiance, Josue Chinchilla, moved into the home in Toms River, N.J., with Callan’s two children on March 1 and were immediately spooked…

At first they chalked it up to the adjustment period of moving into a new home. But things only got spookier, they said. Doors opened and closed. The family even claimed they recorded strange voices whispering, “Let it burn.”

The new tenants said that between the menacing voices, flickering lights and clothes mysteriously flying from their closets, they couldn’t take it anymore. They fled the three-bedroom home and checked into a hotel, where they said they have been living since March 13.

Read more at abcnews.com


The Terrafugia Transition Flying Car converts from street-legal to flight-worthy in minutes.

Now, this may not be the super-futuristic flying car you might have seen in amazing movies like “The Fifth Element”, but sure beats one that doesn’t fly.

Wired Magazine writes:

There’s a flying car coming to the New York International Auto Show this week. The Terrafugia Transition is a two-seat airplane with foldable wings, four wheels and turn signals. Over the past few years the Massachusetts company has called its creation a “roadable aircraft” and lately, a “street legal airplane.” But ahead of the Transition’s first appearance at an auto show, it’s perhaps more appropriate to simply call it what it is: a flying car.

Terrafugia and its Transition have been around for several years, but until now the company has largely stuck to the aviation community. But Terrafugia co-founder and CEO Carl Dietrich says that looking at the people who have placed orders for the $279,000 vehicle, they thought it would be worth looking outside the aviation world.

“We’ve noticed in our order backlog there are actually a fair number of people who are not currently pilots who are putting deposits down to order a Transition.”

So the company is coming to New York to gauge interest in a flying car from the non-pilot sector of the public, hoping the attraction of a flying car can create a few pilots and most importantly, customers.

Read more @ wired.com

The flying car in acton:







I’ve always been fascinated by the Tunguska Explosion, and this story brings it to mind.  File under latest Russian UFO mystery:

An image from Russia's "Vesti" Channel

An image from Russia's "Vesti" Channel

An unidentified glowing object is said to have crashed down from the skies in Russia’s Siberia, causing a powerful explosion. A search for the mysterious item is underway amid speculations of what on Earth it could be.

Witnesses describe seeing a bright glow covering the sky, followed by a shining object falling with a strange clanging sound and disappearing in the distance with a blast.

The unidentified object supposedly fell in the taiga forest of the Irkutsk region, 15 kilometers from the nearest village of Vitim, on Friday night. The head of the regional administration said a group of researchers has been sent to inspect the area and question witnesses.

“We will be able to say what it is, only when we see the thing itself and the place where it fell,” explained head of the region Aleksandr Sergey. “The investigators, together with hunters are going there on snowmobiles”.


Shaving may soon be a thing of the past!

As a man, I have to put up with a constant battle between mother-nature and the modern business world, shaving my beard.

Well, it seems I may not have to worry about it much longer due to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania coming up with an anti-shaving gel that not only works on men, but women too!

Daily Mail writes:

It’s estimated the average woman spends £12,000 in her lifetime in a bid to get silky smooth skin.

But thanks to a scientific discovery shaving could soon be a thing of the past.

A team from the University of Pennsylvania found that a drug, widely used to treat viral infections of the eye, helped stop the growth of unwanted hair when it was added to a rub-on gel.

A trial involving male participants showed the product kept facial hair at bay for up to six weeks.

It is now hoped that it can be developed into an effective treatment for women.

Read more at dailymail.co.uk



New analysis of 36-year-old data, resuscitated from printouts, shows that NASA found life on Mars, an international team of mathematicians and scientists conclude in a paper published this week.

Further, NASA doesn’t need a human expedition to Mars to nail down the claim, neuropharmacologist and biologist Joseph Miller, with the University of Southern California’sKeck School of Medicine, told Discovery News.

“The ultimate proof is to take a video of a Martian bacteria. They should send a microscope — watch the bacteria move,” Miller said.

“On the basis of what we’ve done so far, I’d say I’m 99 percent sure there’s life there,” he added.

Miller’s confidence stems in part from a new study that reanalyzed results from a life-detection experiment conducted by NASA’s Viking Mars robots in 1976.

Researchers crunched raw data collected during runs of the Labeled Release experiment, which looked for signs of microbial metabolism in soil samples scooped up and processed by the two Viking landers. General consensus of scientists has been that the experiment found geological, not biological, activity.

The new study took a different approach. Researchers distilled the Viking Labeled Release data, provided as hard copies by the original researchers, into sets of numbers and analyzed the results for complexity. Since living systems are more complicated than non-biological processes, the idea was to look at the experiment results from a purely numerical perspective.

They found close correlations between the Viking experiment results’ complexity and those of terrestrial biological data sets. They say the high degree of order is more characteristic of biological, rather than purely physical, processes.

Critics counter that the method has not yet been proven effective for differentiating between biological and non-biological processes on Earth, so it’s premature to draw any conclusions.


Read more:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47031923/ns/technology_and_science-science/#.T4oldpj5n8s

The research is published online in the International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences.


Pictured above is Dennis Hennis, with a 4-inch nail in his chest.

A New Jersey man has managed to shoot himself in the chest and puncture his heart with a 4-inch long nail while doing some construction work on a neighbor’s roof.

BBC News writes:

A New Jersey man is making a quick recovery after accidentally shooting a 4-inch (10cm) nail into his heart. Dennis Hennis, a 52-year-old self-employed builder, was working on his neighbour’s roof when his nail gun jammed and he tried to clear it.

The nail pierced the right side of his heart and he went into cardiac arrest. His surgeon credited Mr Hennis’ recovery to prompt medical attention and knowing that he should not remove the nail himself.

Mr Hennis told Dr Michael Rosenbloom that it felt like he had won the lottery. “I got a new grandson on my birthday on March 23 and a week later I’m almost dead,” Mr Hennis said. “Now we can celebrate birthdays together.”

He was airlifted to trauma centre an hour away in Camden, New Jersey, and went under immediate surgery. “Imagine there is a nail in the heart and they have to do CPR [cardio-pulmonary resuscitation],” Dr Rosenbloom said. “It turns a little puncture wound into a laceration.”

Mr Hennis expects to be discharged in time to celebrate Easter with his family.

Read more at bbc.co.uk


A depiction of a prehistoric whale-eating whale.

This is just one of the many reasons I will not go into any amount of water I can’t see the bottom of.

A giant prehistoric whale that was capable of eating other whales has been discovered by Paleontologists in Peru, with teeth that are over a foot long used to eat whales the size of some of the biggest ones alive today!

Discovery News writes:

The massive skull and jaw of a 13-million-year-old sperm whale has been discovered eroding from the windblown sands of a coastal desert of Peru.

The extinct cousin of the modern sperm whale is the first fossil to rival modern sperm whales in size — although this is a very different beast, say whale evolution experts.

“We could see it from very far,” said paleontologist Olivier Lambert of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, France, who led the team which found the fossil.

The giant 3-meter (10-foot) skull of what’s been dubbed Leviathan melvillei (in honor of the author of “Moby Dick”) was found with teeth in its top and bottom jaws up to 36 centimeters (14 inches) long. The discovery is reported in the July 1 issue of the journal Nature.

Read more at news.discovery.com


A human has transmitted a virus between computers.

Here’s more proof that the future is here; a man has infected himself with a computer virus and transmitted it between two seperate computers using his actual body as the host.

Discovery News writes:

As if humans didn’t have enough viruses to worry about, one British researcher has successfully infected himself with a computer virus.

Mark Gasson, senior research fellow at the University of Reading, was able to infect a tiny, radio frequency identification (RFID) chip with a virus before he placed it under the skin on his hand. He uses that chip to activate his cell phone, as well as open secure doors.

Thanks to the computer chip… instead of him swiping an ID card to enter his building, he just needs to wave his hand to gain entrance. The convenience of not taking out his ID and the safety of his phone come with a price, however.

He served as carrier, and was able to pass the virus on to an external computer. The virus was of Gasson’s own design and was not malicious. But he was able to show that computer viruses can move seamlessly between computers within and outside the body. And theoretically, if a person had several computers in his or her body, a computer virus could spread from one to another, infecting them all.

Read more at news.discovery.com


Screenshot from an animated video of our "twin" solar system, HD 10180.

An amazing discovery has been made that gives us evidence of 9 different planets in a solar sytem that is so similar to ours, it’s been called our ‘twin’!

Scientists and astronomers alike are finding more and more exoplanets and systems that could support life like ours, very literally, daily. Fascinating!

An animation created when the system was thought to only have 7 planets:

Discovery News writes:

In 2010, a star 127 light-years away stunned the world — it had become the largest star system beyond our own, playing host to five, possibly seven, alien worlds. Now, the star (called HD 10180) is back in the headlines; it may actually have nine exoplanets orbiting it.

Interestingly, HD 10180 is a yellow dwarf star very much like the sun, so this discovery has drawn many parallels with our own Solar System. It is a multi-planetary system surrounding a sun-like star. But it is also a very alien place with an assortment of worlds spread over wildly different orbits.

It is believed that one of HD 10180’s exoplanets is small — although astronomers only know the planets’ masses, not their physical size or composition. The smallest world weighs-in at 1.4 times the mass of Earth, making it a “super-Earth.”

Read more at news.discovery.com


Is this the clearest photo of bigfoot ever?

Has the best and clearest photo of bigfoot finally been released?

Are the skeptics finally going to admit the truth?

Why can we only see his back?

Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, this photo makes you take a moment to think hard about what exactly the creature in this photo could be.

Ghost Theory writes:

A blogger by the name of Melissa Hovy has been maintaining a Bigfoot blog for quite some time now. It wasn’t until recently that the Sasquatch community caught wind that Melissa could be holding the ultimate photo of all ultimate photos depicting the big guy.

The story goes that four years ago Melissa was contacted by someone who claimed to have a clear picture of Bigfoot on a trailcam. The witness sent Mellisa the picture but wouldn’t allow her to publish it….until now that is.

A message released from the blogger herself:

This witness asked for my (Melissa Hovey) help in seeking protection for what he/she claimed was a Bigfoot that had been coming onto his/her property.

The witness broke contact after becoming concerned for his/her privacy and the safety of the animal. He/she was concerned people would discover who he/she is and that he/she would be called, “crazy”. The witness also expressed concern that if his/her identity were discovered the alleged animal would be in danger of being killed…

The photo has been examined…But, rest assured I have no desire to “string this out” any longer than I must – and that is only to make sure the information and the opinions given are published properly.

Read more at ghosttheory.com


A UFO as seen out the window of an airplane.

A man flying over Seoul, South Korea got to see something extra-spectacular and seems to have been lucky enough to capture it on film it as well.

Gather News writes:

A classic, saucer-shaped UFO was filmed from the window of an airplane flying over Seoul, South Korea. What is it?

As the passenger uses a video camera to catch the view of the city out the window, a saucer-shaped, white-colored unidentified flying object whizzes by, erratically flying in a crazy path. It dips upward for a second before it disappears from view.

The witness is clearly surprised, speaking a dialect which sounds eastern European. In any language, it’s clear he is trying to call someone else’s attention, but by then it’s too late.

Read more at news.gather.com