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10:00 PM CST, Wednesday, 11/30/2011: It’s that time of the week… time to ease into your favorite chair, sit back and relax as we explore the sublime world of the strange, the odd, and the unusual. It’s time once again for… The Shadow Hour.

Robin de Bry is a Spiritual Psychic Medium with over 30 years experience communicating with spirits and helping EBS (EarthBound Spirits, aka ghosts) get Home to The Other Side.

Robin began seeing and communicating with spirits as a 2 year old when she played with her spirits guides, Cassandra and Taki, who also walked her to/from school as a kindergartner and first grader. After learning that most of the other children didn’t talk to spirits, Robin tried to block them out, however the EBS kept coming. They would stand in the doorway of her bedroom appearing as characters from horror movies, like “Carrie” dripping blood or Dracula.

After Robin moved out of her parents’ house, at age 18, the veil to The Other Side all but faded away and she learned, with the help of her guides, why the EBS were coming to her and how she could help them.


If you are familiar with the theory of aliens visiting earth and creating humans to mine gold for them to save their dying planet, you’re in for a treat.

A UFO convention in South Africa has released to the media that they know this theory to be a fact, and have evidence to back it up, supposedly.

The Huffington Post writes:

If humanity wants to understand the greed in a man or woman’s heart, he might want to look to the stars . . . and the little green men who might be living on them.

Aliens — much like humans — have been plundering the planet for gold for thousands of years, according to the organizer of South Africa’s first UFO Science and Consciousness Conference, held in Johannesburg last week.

“There’s a battle for Earth by some interesting dark forces,” conference organizer Michael Tellinger told News 24. “All the governments in the world are puppets and instruments to implement the will of a small group of individuals. The royal political bloodline goes back thousand of years.”

Read more at huffingtonpost.com


Thanksgiving 2012?

 It seems as though one turkey in particular wasn’t quite in the holiday spirit this year.

MSNBC writes:

PENN HILLS, Pa. — A wild turkey apparently flew into an Eat’n Park restaurant on — of all days — Thanksgiving.

The 15-pound turkey was found among a pile of shattered glass on the carpet near some booth tables around 3 p.m.

Nobody was inside the restaurant on Frankstown Road, which was closed for the holiday.

Penn Hills police Officer Bernard Sestili responded when the building’s alarm went off. He said the turkey flew into the window and was not thrown.

“Probably was roosted in one of the trees in this wooded area back here, got up this morning and went for his morning flight and flew into the window,” Sestili said. “Fighting back, on Thanksgiving — how ironic.”

Read more at msnbc.com

See pictures of the turkey attack here!







To travel between salt-water holes, octopi will come out of the water and literally walk.

Now, this is fascinating!

This little dude just gets up and climbs out of the water, just feet away from people and a camera, to travel to another tide pool AND he’s carrying a crab the whole time!

This guy must be used to humans ’cause he doesn’t give making himself ridiculously vulnerable a second thought.

Watch the video below:

The Huffington Post writes:

Onlookers at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach, Calif. were shocked when this octopus crawled out of the water and began walking on dry land.

Apparently this type of behavior is not that uncommon, though it is rarely seen up close. Scientists have observed octopuses using their limbs to walk along the ocean floor, some even doing so using only two of their eight limbs.

In these cases, the other limbs are used “tocamouflage themselves as plant material in order to hide from lurking predators,” according to a report from MSNBC.

Read more at huffingtonpost.com

Thanks giving

Old sketch of Doc RavencraftWhile some of you might think that someone who goes by the title of “Authentic Texas Mojo Man” might be squatting in a hut somewhere, shunning any connection with technology and eating anything unlucky enough to crawl within my grasp, the truth is that I’m fairly wired for a wizard.  Technology helps me keep up with others in the world and I benefit from it a lot.  I also make sure that I know where the off switch is for everything!  This week I’m going to be turning off a lot of my technology while I surround myself with the love and company of family and friends in the traditional Thanksgiving holiday as celebrated in the United States.

However, as I prepare, I thought it was fun to see the Google search trends moving from the typical sports, politics, murder and other things that pass for news nowadays to people searching for green bean casserole and pecan pie recipes.  That gives me hope for the humans and starts me thinking about what makes this time a special and sacred one.

There is a profound power in the giving of thanks.  It seems like such a trivial thing, but it is the completion of the cycle of wishing.  First you decide what you want.  Then you visualize it clearly and send that idea out into the Universe.  Next you do the work and put the resources that you can into making things come true… while you accept what the Universe has to offer to bring your wish.  Finally, you acknowledge what you received and you give thanks!  If you leave out that last step then you aren’t done.

Why?  Why is it important to give thanks?  It seems to me that anyone who would ask that question is looking for a loophole, and I’m tempted to just let them discover for themselves.  I won’t worry about them, though and I’ll give my answer to you.  It’s simple energy.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  When you make the wish and the wish is granted that leaves the ball in your court so to speak.  If you don’t lob it back by giving thanks then the game is over.  When you do give thanks it takes some of that energy that you received and puts it back into play, available for you and for everyone who needs it.

You may not believe that.  That’s OK.  It doesn’t really matter if you believe it or not.  It still works.  Think abut the last time that you gave profound thanks for something, expressed true gratitude.  Do you remember the way that felt, that wash of goodness?  Do you remember the joy that you felt in others as you thanked them?  All of that is real.  That is energy moving around and it makes a difference.  If you’ve gotten out of the habit of showing gratitude for what you receive then you’ve just forgotten what all of this feels like and you need to get back into the game.

There will be a lot of people who will sit around the table with family and friends and they will bitch about everything.  They’ll bring up old family squabbles and pick, pick, pick on each other.  They’ll complain about problems with work, with the car, with everything.  It will throw a huge grey cloud over everything that not even grandma’s homemade pie can overcome.  Don’t you do that!

Think of everything, anything, that you have.  If you’ve gotten caught up in everyone’s misery game you may have to work for it, but I promise you that there is something to be grateful for.  (I’ll give you a hint.  You have life. That’s a start.)  Once things come to mind they will likely lead to others and you will realize that you have a greater abundance than you imagined.  If not, then you’re just out of practice.  If there are people at hand who you feel deserve some of this gratitude, then thank them directly.  You’ll light them up.  If not, then just thank God, or the Universe or whatever you can envision.  Think about how what you have has made a difference to you and let that good feeling flow out of you.  Feels good, doesn’t it?

You may even find that if you take an attitude of genuine gratitude that you’ll infect the others and they will feel the joy of gratitude as well.  You may even find that the conversation turns to good memories and people let the cares and concerns go for just a little while.

Let the mojo flow, my friends.


Meet Teeny & Tiny, possibly the world's smallest 2-headed turtle.

Now these guys are just adorable!

Looks like the Venice Beach Freakshow has got themselves another awesome curiosity!

We have a few of these kinds of oddities of nature of our own here in Austin, Tx at The Museum Of The Weird.

The Huffington Post writes:

Good things come in small packages — if you happen to be a collector of two-headed animals.

Todd Ray, who runs the Venice Beach Freakshow in Los Angeles, which features a variety of two-headed creatures as well as a five-legged dog, now believes his latest addition to his multi-headed menagerie is the biggest … and the smallest.

The creature in question is a two-headed razorback musk turtle that is about six months old and the size of a nickel.

One head of the two-headed turtle is named “Teeny” and the other is “Tiny” and Ray says both sides are “adorable.”

They may also be record breakers.

“I believe they are the smallest two-headed turtles ever,” Ray said, adding that he has owned many two-headed turtles over the years and never seen any as tiny as Teeny and Tiny.

Read more at huffingtonpost.com


If you thought the world was going to end with the activation of the Large Hadron Collider, it ain’t over yet!

There’s something bigger and much badder come in the future.

The Daily Mail writes:

A laser powerful enough to tear apart the fabric of space could be built in Britain.

The major scientific project will follow in the footsteps of the Large Hadron Collider and will answer questions about the universe.

The laser will be capable of producing a beam of light so intense that it will be similar to the light the earth receives from the sun but focused on a speck smaller than a pin prick.

Scientists say it will be so powerful they will be able to boil the very fabric of space and create a vacuum.

A vacuum fizzles with mysterious particles that come in and out of existence but the phenomenon happens so fast that no-one has ever actually been able to prove it.

It is hoped the Extreme Light Infrastructure Ultra-High Field Facility would allow scientists to prove the particles are real by pulling the vacuum fabric apart.

Scientists even believe it might help them to prove whether other dimensions actually exist.

Read more at dailymail.co.uk


Looks like Einstein had a few tricks up his old sleeve.

Live Science writes:

Every night, amateur ghost-hunting groups across the country head out into abandoned warehouses, old buildings and cemeteries to look for ghosts. They often bring along electronic equipment that they believe helps them locate ghostly energy.

Despite years of efforts by ghost hunters on TV and in real life, we still do not have good proof that ghosts are real. Many ghost hunters believe that strong support for the existence of ghosts can be found in modern physics. Specifically, that Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientific minds of all time, offered a scientific basis for the reality of ghosts.

A recent Google search turned up nearly 8 million results suggesting a link between ghosts and Einstein’s work covering the conservation of energy. This assertion is repeated by many top experts in the field. For example, ghost researcher John Kachuba, in his book “Ghosthunters” (2007, New Page Books), writes, “Einstein proved that all the energy of the universe is constant and that it can neither be created nor destroyed. … So what happens to that energy when we die? If it cannot be destroyed, it must then, according to Dr. Einstein, be transformed into another form of energy. What is that new energy? … Could we call that new creation a ghost?”

Read more at livescience.com


Recent footage from Lake Okanagan in British Columbia has stirred up some fun in the media recently.
Global BC writes:

Note: CHBC News regrets the attribution to Richard Huls that he saw the Ogopogo, rather Huls claims to have seen an object in the water and does not know what it was.

The video of a possible Ogopogo sighting in Okanagan Lake has caught the eye of international media.

Two weeks ago, West Kelowna resident Richard Huls said he captured video of something in the water.

“It proves something is down there. Whether it’s Ogopogo or not, it is a different story but there is something at least down there,” Huls said.

“It was not a wave, just a darker colour. The size and the fact that they were not parallel with the waves made me think it had to be something else,” he said.

Read more at globaltvbc.com


Who knew that heavy metal band Megadeth had the power to save lives…from wolves?!
Forget pepper spray, when you are surrounded by wolves in Norway ready to feast, just play a little metal over your phones speaker and show them the power of shredding!
That’s what this little boy did, and it saved his life!
(warning: playing music over your speaker phones is NOT gauranteed to stop wolves from attacking you, just saying.)
Bizarre News writes:

A 13-year-old Norwegian boy avoided being attacked by wolves by playing a heavy metal song on his mobile phone, RIAN reports.

The incident took place in the central Norwegian municipality of Rakkestad. Four wolves, who appeared before the boy when he was returning home from school, were scared away by the noise coming from the boy’s mobile phone, the Russian website said.

The song that saved the boy’s life was by thrash metal band Megadeth.

The boy said he had been told that in order to avoid being attacked by wolves one should not run away from them but attack them.

Read more at bizarrenews.org


This is definitely one of the most insane things I’ve seen in a while!

Watch this incredible video of a paraglider in the Himalaya’s getting an eagle tangled in his ‘chute, free-falling for a bit then crash landing WITH the eagle into a dangerous looking set of trees and smacking the ground rather hard after crashing through them.

The Huffington Post writes:

Nothing could have prepared this paraglider for what he was about to encounter in mid air, but his level of expertise certainly helped him survive.

Vladimir Tsar’kov was gliding over the Indian Himalayas on Oct. 17 when two birds headed toward him and one got tangled in his cables (0:29 in video). After deploying his emergency parachute, the Russian sportsman was able to reach the ground safely and helped free the bird.

The nearly 10-minute rescue mission proved successful after the eagle flew away from scene without injury, the Telegraph reports.

Read more at huffingtonpost.com


One frame of the live broadcast from a recent NFL game.

Who would’ve thought that aliens are football fans?

Apparently, they are, and it seems they have gotten themselves the best seats in the house, ones that fly around incredibly fast and can travel through space and time!

How much would a season pass for one of those go for? Anybody?

Here's proof that it couldn't possibly be a bug, like some critics say. You can see clearly it is in the distance and travels BEHIND the cathedral tower hundreds of meters away!

AOL writes:

For many football fans who watched the New Orleans Saints rout the Indianapolis Colts on Oct. 23, the most unusual thing about the game was the lopsided final score of 62-7.

But for UFO aficionados and paranormal experts who tuned in, they may have seen something in the sky that was even more out-of-the-ordinary than the tossing of more touchdowns vs. incompletions.

As NBC’s cameras returned from a commercial break and focused on the historic, triple-steepled St. Louis Cathedral in the city nicknamed the Big Easy, a couple of lit objects seemed to streak across the darkening sky — and they’ve yet to be definitively identified.

Viewed in real-time, it’s hard to see much more than something flashing across the screen. But a frame-by-frame scrutiny of the video reveals a rod-shaped object topped with brightly lit dots.

Read more at aol.com

Here’s the video and frame-by-frame of the live broadcast.

The Shadow Hour – Michael Graves, A Catfish Tale

The Shadow Hour

10:00 PM CST, Wednesday, 11/2/2011: It’s that time of the week… time to ease into your favorite chair, sit back and relax as we explore the sublime world of the strange, the odd, and the unusual. It’s time once again for… The Shadow Hour.

Michael Graves visited the very haunted Catfish Plantation restaurant in Waxahachie, Texas.  He took a lot of pictures, several of which had some interesting anomolies.  Are they ghosts?  We’ll talk to him about his experience and the things that he could not capture in a photograph.

As always, you can listen right here with our blogtalkradio widget! You can listen to past broadcasts at any time, or tune in tonight. (Wednesday, October 19, 2011) at 10pm Central for the live broadcast. Be sure to check out the show notes, too. See you in the shadows…


This baby shark looks like a cartoon character but is very real.

Now, this is pretty darn weird!

Not only is this shark albino, but it also has ONE properly working eye!

Well… it did.

Fisherman take a closer look at the size of the albino, cyclops shark pup.

This baby shark was cut out of it’s dead mother’s womb after she was caught by fisherman in the Gulf of California. It appears the mother was caught legally but was not able to give birth to this guy, or any of his 9 brothers and sisters, before she met her end.

Scientists say this little pup with one eye wouldn’t have stood a chance in the wild but, I would have liked to hear he at least got a try.

Discovery News writes:

The ‘Cyclops shark’ that went viral on the net a few months ago appears to be a legitimate one-eyed dusky shark fetus, according to LiveScience and numerous other media reports.

When photos of the shark first surfaced in the Pisces Fleet Sportfishing blog, at Facebook, and at other high traffic spots, many people thought the images were too bizarre to depict anything legitimate. The cute little bug-eyed individual looks more like a happy cartoon character than a real shark, especially when its mouth is held open.

But National Geographic shares that two scientists from the Interdisciplinary Center of Marine Sciences in La Paz, Mexico, have studied the specimen and have determined it’s a 22-inch-long dusky shark fetus with a single, functioning eye that’s front and center on its head.

The fetus was discovered after fisherman Enrique Lucero León “legally caught” a pregnant dusky shark near Cerralvo Island in the Gulf of California.

Biologist Felipe Galván-Magaña of the center in La Paz told National Geographic that when León sliced open his catch, he found the odd-looking male embryo along with nine normal siblings. “He said, That’s incredible — wow,” according to Galván-Magaña.

Read more at news.discovery.com


The 3-eyed fish caught in Argentina.

Television and real life have interesected once again.

If you’re familiar with the episode of The Simpson’s that featured “Blinky”, the 3-eyed fish, caught in the reservoir of the town’s Nuclear Power Plant, you’ll understand how quite fantastic this is, yet very sad and worrisome at the same time.

"Blinky" caught by Bart Simpson in the reservoir of Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant.

Although they don’t resemble each other much, both fish represent the same thing.

The horrendous pollution of our world’s water from human activity

The Huffington Post writes:

You’ve heard of life imitating art, but now a fish found in Argentina resembles something you’d see on “The Simpsons” — and it’s not making environmentalists laugh.

Back in 1990, the long-running series did an episode that featured “Blinky,” a three-eyed fish that cropped up near the Springfield nuclear power plant, where Homer worked.

Now, 21 years later, fishermen in Córdoba, Argentina caught a three-eyed wolf fish in a reservoir near a local nuclear power plant, according to Gizmodo.com.

One of the fisherman, Julian Zmutt, said no one noticed the third eye at first because it was dark.

“We were fishing and we got the surprise of getting this rare specimen,” reported The Blaze.com. “As it was dark at that time we did not notice, but then you looked at him with a flashlight and saw that he had a third eye.”

Read more at huffingtonpost.com