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Bigfoot search planned in North Carolina

Posted by Steve Busti
Almost a year ago we had a report that came out of N.C. from resident mountain-man Timothy Peeler who had an encounter with “Knobby,” a bigfoot like creature he described as being 10 feet tall, having six fingers on each hand and “beautiful hair”. You can watch the news report here.

Maybe this expedition will uncover actual evidence of Knobby. I wonder if the searchers will think to bring along a coyote caller like the one Tim Peeler used — it couldn’t hurt, right?


Rick Lunsford, a Wilkes County resident who says he saw Bigfoot more than 30 years ago, is planning an expedition to look for proof of the elusive creature.

"I’m really looking for evidence, and looking for people to go with me," Lunsford said Thursday.

Bigfoot is said to be a large, fur-covered creature that lives in forests and avoids human contact. Bigfoot sightings have been reported in every U.S. state except Hawaii, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a national group that investigates such reports. The evidence to date has consisted largely of witness reports, plaster casts of footprints, and fuzzy images.

Lunsford plans a March 5 expedition to search for evidence in the Roten Creek Road area in Wilbar. That is where he says he saw the creature back in late August or September 1978, when he was 20 years old.

Lunsford, now 52, came forward with his story last year.

He described Bigfoot as being somewhere between 6 and 8 feet tall and as broad as a refrigerator. Its arms were bowed out. It had dark hair, 3 or 4 inches long, on its arms. It gave off a terrible odor, he said.

But what he remembers most vividly, he said, were the creature’s dark, round eyes and oval head.

Read more: http://www2.journalnow.com/news/2011/feb/25/wsmain02-bigfoot-search-planned-in-nc-ar-811886/

Book bound in human skin goes on display in Devon

Posted by Santellana
Book bound in human skin?! And wait- its NOT a cookbook? Still, we need more human-skin bound books in the Museum of the Weird.


When Devon murderer George Cudmore was sentenced to hang at the Lent Assizes in 1830, he knew that part of his sentence was that his dead body would be taken to an Exeter hospital to be dissected.

What he probably was not aware of was that a chunk of his skin would eventually be flayed, tanned and used to cover an 1852 copy of The Poetical Works of John Milton.

The book is now housed at the Westcountry Studies Library in Exeter.

It will go on show to the public for the first time on 26 February as part of Devon’s annual Local History Day.

An inscription in the front of the book states whose skin it is and his crime.

Cudmore, a ratcatcher from Roborough, was convicted of killing his wife Grace by poisoning.

He was hanged at the Devon County Gaol – on the site of the current Exeter Prison – on 25 March 1830.

"We don’t really know why the skin was retained or, indeed, where," said Tony Rouse, senior assistant librarian.

"It must have been kept somewhere until 1853 when it was used to cover the book."

While binding books in human skin is not common, it is not unusual, says Mr Rouse.

The practice is known as anthropodermic bibliopegy and seems to have been most popular during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Many of the first books covered in human skin were medical books – the skins were primarily from amputated body parts and unclaimed corpses.

Occasionally, as in the case of Cudmore, the skin of executed prisoners was used. "It sounds grim but if I gave you the book to hold and didn’t tell you what it was covered in you would never know, it just looks like normal leather," said Mr Rouse.

And although no-one knows for sure who covered the book there are some theories it was Exeter bookseller W Clifford, as his bookseller’s ticket was discovered in the front of the book.

The bookplate in the front of the volume shows it was once part of a Mr Ralph Sanders’ library, which was probably donated to the Exeter City Library, eventually ending up in the Westcountry Studies Library.

This year’s local history event has a crime and punishment theme and as well as the book, the Exeter witchcraft trials and executions and the sites of the gallows in the county are up for discussion.

"I would really encourage people to come and have a look," said Mr Rouse.

"It’s not been on display before and it’s really not as gruesome as it sounds, although it is certainly one of the more unusual items we have here."

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-12539388

Bownessie making waves again

Posted by Steve Busti
Just days after the mysterious beast was allegedly photographed (above) by eyewitness Tom Pickles, there now comes another sighting. This report comes courtesy of Britain’s The Sun:
A MYSTERY lake monster dubbed "Bownessie" has been sighted again – less than a week after it was photographed.
Holidaymaker Brian Arton, 61, described seeing something "dark with humps" sitting 300 yards out on the surface of Lake Windermere.
And he said it exactly matched the picture taken five days earlier by kayaker Tom Pickles.
Brian and his wife, from Hovingham, North Yorks, had just checked into a hotel by the Cumbrian lake when they saw the strange shape.
He said: "We thought it must be a pontoon, a log or an odd-looking buoy.
"We didn’t think it could possibly be an animal – but then it just disappeared."

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3433306/Lake-monster-dubbed-Bownessie-seen-again-by-tourist.html

Former Canadian defense minister accuses US government of UFO cover-up

Posted by Steve Busti
Paul Hellyer is speaking this weekend at the International UFO Congress and Film Festival in Phoenix Hills, Arizona. If you are in the area or planning on attending, you can find more information on their website, www.ufocongress.com.
He is on an advisory body to the Queen, works as an environmental campaigner and is credited with integrating Canada’s armed forces.
But aside from all this, the ex-Canadian defence minister says UFOs are real, aliens have visited Earth and the U.S. government is covering up information about them.
Paul Hellyer says he would probably get fired for his views if he was still Canada’s Minister of National Defense today, but is adamant he has seen UFOs himself.
The 87-year-old, who is the longest-serving member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, said he never discussed his views with top officials when he was in office.
‘This is the kind of thing that sometimes they don’t tell politicians about,’ he said.
‘I have no doubt that there were probably people in my employ who would have been more knowledgeable than I was at the time.’
‘I got periodic reports on sightings and I looked at them very casually. It was decided that about 80 per cent of them were natural phenomena of one sort or another and the other 20 per cent roughly were unexplained and therefore unidentified.’
Mr Hellyer is presenting his views on UFOs this week at the International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona, and says he is ‘convinced’ of their existence.
‘We lived too long in a sense of isolation, thinking that Earth was the centre of the cosmos, that we were the only species and, therefore, probably the most advanced.’ ‘And when we come to the realisation that we’re not any of those things, then I think we should be aware of it (and) learn to live with it,’ he told AOL News.
Mr Hellyer claims to have seen a UFO with his wife when spending last Thanksgiving near Toronto, and they stared at the sky for 20 minutes watching it moving.
He told AOL: ‘By process of elimination, we determined it wasn’t a star or satellite and it wasn’t the space station, so there was really no explanation for it other than it was, in fact, a UFO. It looked like a star, but it manoeuvred in a way that stars don’t.’
He believes the U.S. has developed new forms of energy at secret ‘black operation’ units using alien technology and that a ‘shadow government’ is behind this activity.
Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences research group, has described Mr Hellyer’s theory as an ‘important contribution’ to literature.
‘His experience in government, his interest in exo-politics and the issues of sustainability of civilization are significant areas of current discourse,’ he said.
Retired Army Colonel John Alexander, also speaking at this week’s conference, believes UFOs are real but says there has never been a cover-up.
Mr Hellyer added: ‘People keep talking about transparency and still not telling the truth, and this applies in various other areas as well as UFOs.
‘It’s just about time that we started getting open with each other and trying to get along and live together.’
He said he would ‘probably be open-mouthed about it’ and ‘might get fired for it’ if he talked about his opinions in office today.
He said in 2005 that the U.S. military was preparing weapons to use against aliens, and they ‘could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1360737/I-believe-UFOs–Ive-seen-says-ex-defence-minister-Paul-Hellyer.html

New “thunder-thighs” dinosaur discovered

Posted by Steve Busti
Hey, wait… “Thunder-thighs?” She’s just big-boned, alright paleontologists?
A new dinosaur named Brontomerus mcintoshi, or "thunder-thighs" after its enormously powerful thigh muscles, has been discovered in Utah, USA.
A member of the long-necked sauropod group of dinosaurs which includes Diplodocus and Brachiosaurus, Brontomerus may have used its powerful thighs as a weapon to kick predators, or to help travel over rough, hilly terrain, experts believe.
Brontomerus lived about 110 million years ago, during the Early Cretaceous Period, and probably had to contend with fierce "raptors" such as Deinonychus and Utahraptor.
The new species is described in a paper recently published in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica by an international team of scientists from Britain and the US.
The fossilised bones of two specimens of Brontomerus mcintoshi – an adult and a juvenile – were rescued from a previously looted and damaged quarry in eastern Utah by researchers from the Sam Noble Museum, US.
Paleontologists speculate that the larger specimen is the mother of the younger and would have weighed around 6 tons, about the size of a large elephant, and measured 14 meters in length.
At a third of the size, the smaller specimen would have weighed about 200kg, the size of a pony, and been 4.5m long.

“Hmm… let me just sit back in my office chair 
while this gigantic beast tramples me to death.”

The authors classified the new genus based on an incomplete skeleton including bones from the shoulder, hip, ribs, vertebrae and some unidentifiable fragments.
They used the bones to identify Brontomerus’ unique features, primarily the shape of the hip bone, which, in the case of Brontomerus, is unusually large in comparison to that of similar dinosaurs.
The wide, blade-shaped bone projects forward ahead of the hip socket, providing a proportionally massive area for the attachment of muscles.
The shape of the bone indicates that the animal would likely have had the largest leg muscles of any dinosaur in the sauropod family.
This is reflected in the name Brontomerus, which literally means "thunder-thighs." The dinosaur’s species name, mcintoshi, was chosen in honour of John "Jack" McIntosh, a retired physicist at Wesleyan University, Conn., and lifelong avocational paleontologist.
"Brontomerus mcintoshi is a charismatic dinosaur and an exciting discovery for us," said first author Dr Mike Taylor, a researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences at University College London.
"When we recognised the weird shape of the hip, we wondered what its significance might be, but we concluded that kicking was the most likely.
The kick would probably have been used when two males fought over a female, but given that the mechanics were all in place it would be bizarre if it wasn’t also used in predator defence."

Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/dinosaurs/8340939/Dinosaur-discovery-new-thunder-thighs-dinosaur-discovered-by-British-scientists.html

Tonight on The Shadow Hour – The only living Houdini

10:00 PM CST, TONIGHT: Aron Houdini calls himself "The only living Houdini." It is his real name and he follows in the footsteps of the immortal Harry Houdini as an escape artist. We’ll talk to him about his record-breaking feats and his views on the paranormal as we prepare for the Texas Ghost Show in March.

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CIA reveals robot catfish and dragonfly spies

Posted by Steve Busti
The photo above is not of a real catfish: believe it or not, it’s actually a robotic Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (or UUV) called Charlie and it was developed by the CIA. Containing a pressurized hull, Charlie was able to spy and collect data using complex ballast, communication and propulsion systems.
And you thought this kind of stuff only happened in the movies…
It’s the sort of idea that would be laughed out of any plot for a spy film: Secret agents using a radio-controlled robot catfish to swim up to their enemies and collect information.
Yet, unbelievably, the Central Intelligence Agency dreamed up such a device in the Seventies, called Charlie – and has now revealed it and other stranger-than-fiction gadgets on a new website.
The agency simultaneously launched a website and pages on YouTube and Flickr last week, revealing the sorts of equipment that would leave James Bond’s Q Branch green with envy.

Dragonfly spy: Another device from the Office of Research and 
Development (wow, what were those guys on?) is the ‘Insectothopter’. 
This Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is the grandfather of the modern-day drone

The agency says the sites allow visitors to ‘find new ways to connect to a broad array of Agency content’.
The YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/ciagov) has a range of unintentionally amusing ‘tours’ and potted histories of the spy agency.
But by far and away the most intriguing is its Flickr stream (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciagov), which shows off some of the weird and wonderful gadgets employed since the Second World War.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1359254/CIA-secret-agent-gadgets-Website-reveals-Charlie-robot-catfish.html

Scientists able to talk with dolphins using primitive language

Posted by Steve Busti
Dolphins are amazing animals. The fact that they readily communicate with us is not surprising to me at all. What is surprising is that it has taken us humans this long to establish communication with our “second brightest creatures” on the planet. You would think that with we humans being the smartest, we would have tried interspecies communication like this a long time ago.
Dolphins are the world’s second brightest creatures after humans and have many brain features associated with high intelligence.
So clever are the aquatic mammals that scientists have frequently communicated with those in captivity by rewarding their responses with fish.
But behavioural biologists have now carried out two-way communication with dolphins in the wild in the first study of its kind.
Dr Denise Herzing and colleagues at the Wild Dolphin Project in Jupiter, Florida, established a shared, primitive form of language using sounds, symbols and props.
‘Many studies communicate with dolphins, especially in captivity, using fish as a reward,’ Dr Herzing told Wired.com. ‘But it’s rare to ask dolphins to communicate with us.’
The experiment revolved around both dolphins and humans asking each other for props such as balls and scarves.
A large underwater keyboard formed the focus of the study; each key was painted with a different symbol and emitted a precisely pitched whistle.
When a dolphin pressed a certain key with her nose, researchers would throw the corresponding prop into the water. Should the dolphin instead decide to whistle the pitch that a certain key would emit, then that prop would be thrown in.
Over the course of three years, the scientists played with the dolphins for 40 half-hour sessions.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1357611/Theyve-really-clicked-Dolphins-scientists-talk-using-shared-primitive-language.html#ixzz1Eisb4x5F

Tonight on The Shadow Hour – Conspiracy or coincidence?

10:00 PM CST, TONIGHT: Welcome to another episode of "The Shadow Hour," an Internet-based radio program that talks about the strange, the odd, and the unusual.

There has been a lot of strange activity, from weird weather, to mass animal deaths and more UFO sightings. What is going on? Our assistant producer, Mark Faulkner, has been curious about these things as well and has been doing some digging. We’re going to talk about the theories he has uncovered and some of the clues that he has found. We’ll also be taking calls so you can give your input.

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Amazing photos: hippopotamus tries to rescue drowning wildebeest

Posted by Santellana
Well this is heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once. And I could not help reading the article and thinking it might be re-written as lyrics to perhaps the best punk song ever.

Stuck on a rock in a crocodile infested river, this Wildebeest must have feared for its life.

And, separated from the rest of the herd with a group of hippos closing in, the prospects for the animal did not seem appealing.

But in an amazing act of animal compassion one of the passing hippos paddles over and gives the wildebeest a quick leg-up to set it on its way.

The bull hippo takes pity on the struggling creature and fixes it enormous jaws around it and lifts it away from the rock.

The wildebeest was then released from the rock and tried to join the rest of its herd which had been crossing the Masai River during an annual crossing in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Unfortunately despite the hippo’s best attempts the wildebeest struggled to make it across the river and drowned with a broken back.

Photographer Mitchell Krog, 39, said: ‘One of the more mature hippo bulls eventually came very close to the wildebeest and tried nudging him a few times to see if he could free the animal from the rocks.

‘The hippo sensed the wildebeest was injured and had no chance of survival. It’s not often an animal like a hippo shows a softer side.

‘This proved useless and eventually this same hippo grabbed the wildebeest on his back using his mouth and dragged it clear of the rocks and into a deeper section of river where he then released it into the river flow. ‘

Read More : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1357513/Hippo-help-Amazing-moment-hippopotamus-tries-rescue-drowning-wildebeest.html

Stabbing pain of migraine is actually from knife lodged in man’s head

Posted by Santellana
It slices, it dices! You can pound on it with a hammer and it won’t scratch and the color won’t rub off! This amazing knife can slice thru tomatoes, metal cans, human skulls, fruits, vegetables — wait. Human skulls?!

A man who went to the doctor complaining of a headache was shocked to discover he’d had a 4in knife blade stuck in his brain for more than four years.

i Fu from Yunnan Province, China, was stabbed during a robbery in 2006, and the blade of the knife had lodged in his cranium.

But despite receiving treatment for his injuries, doctors failed to notice the knife buried deep in the 37-year-old’s skull.

The second doctor confirmed the suspicions and Li underwent an operation to remove the knife at People’s Hospital in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province on Saturday.

He is now in a stable condition in hospital.

Luo Zhiwei, a surgeon at People’s Hospital of Yuxi said he had never seen anything so bizarre in his entire career.

He said it was a miracle that Li could survive being stabbed in the head, let alone survive having the knife lodged in his brain for four years.

He said: ‘It’s a medical miracle. The knife was almost intact when we removed it.’

Read More : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1357508/Chinese-man-complains-migraine-knife-brain-FOUR-years.html

Another mystery animal washes ashore in Long Island

Posted by Steve Busti
Lon Strickland, who runs the paranormal blog Phantoms and Monsters, posted this report yesterday along with some photos.
Memories of the infamous “Mountauk Monster” come to mind…
I received these photos and message today: “I came upon this creature on the beach on Long Island in Glen Cove N.Y. today 2/12/11. Glen Cove is located in Nassau County, New York on the north shore of Long Island.”

NOTE: this may simply be a dog or an indigenous mammal…what’s your opinion? Lon
Read more: http://www.strangeunknown.com/paranormal/new-montauk-monster-washes-ashore-on-long-island/
So what do you think, readers? An unexplained cryptid, or just another soggy dog?

Real-life ‘Da Vinci Code’: scientists date mysterious document to early 15th Century

Posted by Steve Busti
I’ve always been interested in the Voynich manuscript, a medieval handwritten book that was written by an anonymous author in a strange script in an unknown language. For centuries the manuscript has baffled scholars, and to date no one has figured out its meaning, making it a true mystery.
Today’s news comes from the Daily Mail:
The bizarre sequence of symbols, charts and figures have baffled the world of science for the last 100 years.
But now thanks to carbon dating, researchers have finally begun to pick apart the secrets of the Voynich manuscript, the most alien artifact of its kind in the world.
They have been able to determine for the first time that it was written in the early 15th century, more than 100 years earlier than previously thought.
And while they are no closer to understanding what the complex text actually means, putting a date on it takes them a huge step closer to discovering what it is really about.
What is known sounds like the plot from a film and makes the Da Vinci Code pale by comparison.
The manuscript was discovered by rare book dealer Wilfrid Voynich in the Villa Mondragone near Rome in 1912 as he was trawling through a chest of books.

Wilfrid Voynich

He spent the remaining 18 years of his life trying to decipher its mixture of plants, circles and humans praying to the fountain of youth but died before completing his task.
The manuscript has been passed down through generations of scientists since then who have concluded that it is some kind of language – even if they don’t know what it means.
The latest to take up the challenge were a team from the University of Arizona who dissected four 1mm by 6mm sections from four sample pages they were given by the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University, which is where it is being stored.
Other experts also looked at the paints and inks that were used by the mysterious author.
Dr Greg Hodgins, an assistant research scientist and assistant professor in the UA’s department of physics, who led the project, said that they found some of the colours were consistent with those used in the Renaissance.
But what really helped was the carbon dating process, which is where scientists measure the amount of radioisotope Carbon 14 which occurs naturally in objects and decays at a predictable rate, making it possible to use it to date things.
That process allowed Dr Hodgins to pinpoint the early 15th century as the only time the manuscript could have been written.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1355978/Is-real-life-Da-Vinci-Code-decoded-Scientists-finally-work-age-mystery-manuscript.html

Tonight on The Shadow Hour – Investigator, David Rountree

10:00 PM CST, TONIGHT: David Rountree is the Director of S.P.I.R.I.T., Co-Founder of New Jersey Paranormal Investigative Coalition, a member of the Rhine Research Center, life member of the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society, member of the International Paranormal Investigators, and a member of the International Paranormal Research Association. He supports the World Wide Paranormal Reporting Center.

David’s additional areas of research includes investigating the relationship between free air conductance, magnetic fields, radioactive emissions, electromagnetic fields and electrical radiation surrounding paranormal phenomena. He is also experimenting with injecting energy into a paranormal event horizon using Tesla Coil technology in order to observe and record the effects. He continues to measure the effects of massive ion bombardment in a paranormal environment. He is developing a device designed to capture and analyze the phenomena referred to as orbs in order to either prove or dismiss their existence. David is also experimenting with a self designed ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communications) device using electromagnetic field propagation as a medium of cross communication.

As always, the lines will be open and we encourage you to call in with your questions. The call in number for tonight’s show is (347) 826-9662 or call toll-free at (877) 867-0829.

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Police hunt for ‘caveman’ suspected of starting fire that left a dozen homeless

Posted by Steve Busti

Arson. So easy, a caveman can do it.
The discovery of fire was a pivotal moment in the evolution of man – and one Neanderthal appears to still be entranced by the flames.
A man linked with a blaze looks as if he speaks only in grunts and hunts wild animals with a club.
Police have not called the man a suspect but have released this composite sketch image of a person of interest who bears a striking resemblance to Captain Caveman.
An estimated $135,000 of damage was caused by the fire at 421 Dodge St in Iowa City last Saturday and this man is wanted by police as a possible witness.
‘They know who they are and we need to talk to them as a witness, and hope they’ll come forward for themselves,’ said Sgt. Denise Brotherton of the Iowa City Police Department.
The witness is described as being between 5ft 10in and 6ft tall and was wearing a dark coloured coat and trousers.
He has a heavy beard and long hair and police believe he may be a transient man who is not from the Iowa City area.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1353240/Police-hunt-Caveman-starter-suspect-left-dozen-homeless.html#ixzz1D12m06dP


Posted by Steve Busti

I had spoken with this gentleman on a previous occasion, and asked him if he could give me a detailed account of his eye-witness sighting of what he believes was a flock of gigantic birds, possibly the fabled Thunderbird of Native American lore. Here’s his story:

On Saturday July 5th 2008, I witnessed, along with others, what can only be described as an extraordinary event in the Rio Grande Valley.  I was in South Texas, visiting from Missouri and staying with my brother in McAllen.  It was around 6:15 PM and my brother and I had just finished watching the Yankees-Red Sox game and the post-game show to see if the Cardinals had played yet.  We went out on the patio for a cold beverage and a smoke.

We had visited for a few minutes when I noticed two large indiscriminate black objects in the distance, and I asked out loud “What the hell are those?”. I pointed them out to my brother, who acknowledged he saw them… but he couldn’t identify what he was seeing. As I stood up and took a few steps on the patio towards the back yard, I was thinking to myself… UFOs?… hang gliders?… neither fit with what I was looking at.

Just then, a commercial airliner that was apparently coming in for a landing (or possibly a departure) at McAllen Int’l Airport had swung around in an arc behind the objects…and for a long moment I could see the two indiscriminate black objects superimposed upon the body of the airliner, and I immediately blurted out excitedly, “It’s those G** D*** Big Birds from the History Channel… Holy S***!” (and then a few other words… expletives)… I told my brother to get his wife so she could see what we were seeing.

As I walked all the way out into the yard from underneath the patio, I glanced back to the southeast in the direction the birds had come from. Much to my surprise, there was an entire line of giant birds that stretched a good half mile to three quarters of a mile in the sky- in a straight line. As the birds moved from the SE to the NW, you could clearly make out that there were thousands of smaller birds swarming around the big birds in the center of the convoy… cause that’s what it looked like… a military convoy.

There were the original 2 birds that we saw, then a considerable distance – as much as a quarter mile or better… between the first two and the next group, which was either 4 or 5 birds… I can’t remember for sure. But each of those 4 or 5 birds had a swarm of smaller birds around them… then there was a considerable distance that I would again judge to be a quarter mile or better – and then two solitary birds bringing up the rear. The birds flew “single file” through the sky. We were viewing the birds from the same side as their left wingtips.

My brother’s wife arrived in the backyard as the middle group of large birds passed with the swarms of smaller birds – thousands of them. She exclaimed “Oh my god… it’s their babies!” Also, it was easy to see with the naked eye that some of the Big Birds were bigger than others. Even my brother, who is blind as a bat, could see that the Big Birds were different sizes… I specifically asked him this as we watched this odd procession cross the sky.

I then recalled one specific detail from the History Channel documentary as the last two birds in the procession passed by. As the last two birds passed by our sight line, the final bird in the procession spread it’s wings out and it looked like a nearly perfect rectangle. I turned to my brother’s wife and asked her, “What shape is that?” She looked at me oddly and said “a rectangle”. This rectangular shaped wing, which I’ve never seen on a bird before, was one of the unique characteristics of the Big Bird as reported by eyewitnesses in Texas and other states on the History Channel program.

Of course, no one had a camera – I even went next door to see if the neighbors were home to see if they had one. Nobody home. Took me a good 5 minutes to find my car keys and get out the door and by that time the birds were out of visible sight. I drove in the general direction the birds were heading, but I never saw them again.

I called the McAllen Police Dept to file a report. They sent an officer out from animal control to take the information. He tried to tell me we probably saw migrating white cranes. I called the airport to see if there would be possibly radar tracts or returns that would show something, or if any pilots had reported seeing anything unusual. No luck. I called and spoke with the editor of The Monitor (McAllen’s major newspaper)… who my brother knew personally because the editor’s daughter was a friend of my niece. He was intrigued but showed no interest in following up on the story. I even emailed a cryptozoologist about the encounter, but I never heard back.

Just a few months ago I spoke with Dr. Patrick Redding from the University of Minnesota Raptor Center about the incident. He was one of the experts who appeared on the History Channel program. 
I shared all of the details about the sighting as well as my hypothesis on where the birds may have originated from and where they were heading that day.

Seventeen days after the sighting, Hurricane Dolly made landfall in the region. It is my belief that the Big Birds moved their flock/pod purposefully to avoid the obvious weather conditions coming ashore. In addition, if you backtrack the vector the birds were traveling in the sky, a couple of different possible points of origin make themselves evident… as well as a couple of possible destinations. I have my own theories about that specifically – but who wants to go down to Mexico these days?

I swear to God and on my grandmother’s grave that these are the facts as truthfully, honestly, and accurately as I remember them. If I was asked to take a lie detector test about the information that I have shared from this encounter, I would readily agree. I have nothing to hide nor gain from sharing this encounter with those that would be interested. I have no doubt these Thunderbirds exist. I saw them… just as many others have. As far as I know, my brother, his wife, and I are the only ones to ever report an encounter with a group of the creatures and their possible offspring or symbiotic companions.

Christopher Scott Miesner

Anyone who would like to speak with Scott about his sighting is welcome to contact me at steve@museumoftheweird.com and I will forward him your info.

Painting by Mark Hallett © 1988

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UPDATE: More videos begin to surface of Temple Mount UFO!

Posted by Steve Busti
First, I’d like to say I’ll be really pissed if this turns out to be another viral marketing ad.
But amazingly, two more videos have shown up on YouTube in the last couple of days revealing a remarkable close encounter.
Below is the fourth mysterious video to surface, purporting to show what appears to be a UFO descending over the Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, then suddenly zooming away in a flash of light.
The event supposedly happened January 28, 2011. If you have more information on this happening or were witness to it, please contact me at steve@museumoftheweird.com.
We will be following this story closely and updating you the moment more information becomes available.

Recent Mothman sighting near Cincinnati

Posted by Santellana
Wow, This is an excerpt from Phantoms and Monsters- a reporting of a Mothman sighting! “It had two curved like masses coming from the sides. But the most obvious feature were the deep red, glowing eyes coming from the center of the black mass.”


It was about 8:00 pm and I was driving home after dropping a friend off at her house. I came to an intersection, a red light, and stopped. Nothing out of the normal, just a regular night. The roads were fairly deserted. While waiting for the light to change I saw something that looked like the back end of a deer as it quickly crossed the street. I didn’t think much of it except for the fact that when I drive through there I have to be careful because deer apparently like to jump in front of cars. That stretch of road is only a couple hundred feet posted at 40 mph. I slowed to about 30-35 mph to watch and look at the deer.

When I looked to see if the deer was still there I witnessed something quite a bit different. This massive thing was standing back a ways but it was clearly visible. The yard it was standing in has a huge white shed with a light attached to the front though, this didn’t help because it cast a big shadow. The figure stood on the ground but its height reached to about the top of the doors to the shed. It had two curved like masses coming from the sides. But the most obvious feature were the deep red, glowing eyes coming from the center of the black mass. It was something I couldn’t stop looking at. I continued to drive but all the way home I felt I was being followed. – Liz

Source: http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2011/02/recent-mothman-sighting-near-cincinnati.html

Finding would reveal contact between humans and gomphotheres in North America

Posted by Santellana
Interesting story from artdaily.org:

MEXICO CITY.- Mexican Archaeologists discovered 3 Clovis projectile heads associated to remains of gomphotheres with an age of at least 12,000 years, in the northern region of the Mexican state of Sonora. The finding is relevant because these are the first evidences in North America of this extinct animal linked to the human species.

The finding opens the possibility of the coexistence of humankind with gomphotheres, animals similar to mammoths, but smaller, in this region of America, which contrasts with theories that declare that this species disappeared 30,000 years ago in this region of America and did not coexist with humans.

The discovery took place in early January 2011 in El Fin del Mundo, Sonora by researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), during the third field season at the site identified as a hunting and quartering area during the Pleistocene.

This finding completes a scene in which archaeologists visualized how Clovis groups hunted this elephant ancestor. “This is an unprecedented finding in Mexico since it is the first time that projectile heads are found associated to a bone bed of this kind of proboscides.

“There is no other Clovis archaeological site where gomphotheres have been found, not even in the United States, where most important Clovis Culture findings have been registered, and these vestiges are dated between 10,600 and 11,600 years” informed archaeologist Guadalupe Sanchez, director of the Fin del Mundo Research Project.

“The discovery took place in the same archaeological context where in 2008 gomphothere bones and different lithic tools were found on the surface, among them, a quartz crystal Clovis head”.

Clovis people are also known as hunters of mammoths, one of 3 proboscide species that lived in America, being the other 2 the mastodon and the gomphothere. The last was the smallest and the earliest to appear in the Americas.

Gomphotheres have only been found associated to humans in South America, and the southernmost Clovis heads were found in Costa Rica; human evidence associated with proboscides was limited mastodons and mammoths, until now.

The INAH archaeologist Natalia Martinez, head of the field research, explained that Clovis projectile heads were discovered in the point named Localidad 1, the remainder of a swamp with deposits of the Pleistocene and Holocene eras, and were freed by scraping carefully a hard soil block.

The lithic artifacts manufactured by Clovis people to hunt great animals, were located a few centimeters under the gomphothere discovered in previous field seasons part of the research project conducted by the INAH, the University of Arizona and the National Geographic Society.

Source: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=44345


Personally, I think the notion that Man and Gomphotheres walked the earth at the same time is just ludicrous. I think that an easier explanation would be that time traveling poachers are simply not very knowledgable about history.

Mummy fried – woman sets fire to house while trying to reanimate long-dead sister

Posted by Santellana
Somebody has been watching too many Frankenstein movies.


A night fire in an apartment block has been caused by a woman who tried to reanimate her long-dead elder sister with electricity.

The horrific story happened in Ekaterinburg, the biggest city in the Urals.

The suspected arsonist, 69, apparently was not completely of sound mind, judging by her mental health record.

A year ago, her 73-year-old sister died from natural causes, prosecutors told Noviy Region news agency. However, instead of reporting the death, the woman preserved the body with gasoline and had been trying the reanimate it ever since.

Her last macabre experiment on Tuesday night involved “jump starting” the mummified corpse with two wires connecting the body’s hand and neck to the mains.

Despite what Frankenstein movies suggest, the electric current did not revive the body, instead setting it on fire.

The surviving sister is now in hospital suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.

Source: http://rt.com/news/fire-sister-revive-mummy/


And if any of you people out there in Internetlandia try to do the same thing with any Frankenstein Retro Action Figures please please PLEASE remember,…FIRE BAD!

Tale of the radioactive boy scout

Posted by Santellana
An epic tale (an internet oldie but a still a goodie) of what-not-to-do and the moral of the story is –– you’ll irradiate yer eye out kid.


DETROIT — A man who became the subject of a book called "The Radioactive Boy Scout" after trying to build a nuclear reactor in a shed as a teenager has been charged with stealing 16 smoke detectors. Police say it was a possible effort to experiment with radioactive materials.

David Hahn, 31, was being held Friday on a $5,000 bond in the Macomb County Jail after he was arraigned Thursday on felony larceny charges.

Clinton Township police Capt. Richard Maierle said Hahn denied the charges. A district court clerk on Friday said Hahn did not have an attorney. The Associated Press called the jail in an effort to speak to Hahn, but a sheriff’s spokesman said the jail does not give messages to inmates. His preliminary examination was scheduled for Aug. 13.

Investigators say Hahn was arrested Wednesday after a maintenance worker saw him stealing a detector from a ceiling in an apartment complex where he lived. They later found the other detectors in his apartment in the Detroit suburb of Clinton Township.

Police say that Hahn’s face was covered with open sores, possibly from constant exposure to radioactive materials.

Hahn learned that a small amount of a radioactive isotope could be found in smoke detectors during his experiments in the 1990s, according to a 1998 article in Harper’s Magazine that later expanded into a book by journalist Ken Silverstein.

Maierle said his department evacuated the apartment complex and called the state police bomb squad, which found no hazardous materials.

He said officials learned in January that Hahn had returned to the area after serving in the U.S. Navy.

"Because of his past, we were a tad bit concerned," he said, adding his department alerted the FBI when they found out he was back in Michigan. "We didn’t want any other radioactive sites to pop up."

Hahn’s first brush with authorities came in August 1994, after police stopped him during an investigation into neighborhood tire thefts. Officers found radioactive materials, chemicals, rocks, plastic and glass bottles and two exploded pipes in his car, Maierle said.

In a subsequent interview with a state health official, Hahn said he had been trying to produce energy and hoped it would help him earn his Eagle Scout badge, according to the Harper’s article. Hahn also acknowledged having a backyard laboratory in a potting shed at his mother’s home in Oakland County’s Commerce Township, the article said.

Authorities declared the structure a hazardous materials site and sealed it. Crews from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency led a Superfund cleanup in 2005 that included dismantling the shed and shipping its remains to be buried at a low-level radioactive waste site in Utah, the article said.

Hahn received a Scouting merit badge for atomic energy in 1991, the article said. Maierle said Hahn’s 1994 arrest was expunged in 1996. His arrest this week was reported by The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens.

Source: http://www.dangerouslaboratories.org/radscout.html

Strange lights appear in the sky above Utah County

Posted by Santellana
UFO over Utah? So I guess I should start keeping an eye out for mass unexplained deaths in and around Utah?


AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Reports of strange lights in the night sky have people in Utah County talking about UFO’s. Three red lights appeared between 7:15 and 7:30 last night. Witnesses say they hovered in formation and dropped what appeared to be flares.

Lynette Chidester lives in Highland and is one of those puzzled by what she saw. "I don’t believe in extra-terrestrials.” But she also doesn’t believe the lights were from airplanes or helicopters. She says they didn’t make a sound, and there were no blinking lights, just a constant red.

"I noticed over the roof of the garage a red light and white light and the red light isn’t flashing like a plane light and that’s what draws my attention to it." She says soon there were three red lights and those lights started dropping white streams.

Mike Galbraith was a few miles away in American Fork. He was in the parking lot of a shopping plaza when he saw the lights hanging in the sky. Galbraith was in the Air Force and says his experience caused him to take special notice of the unusual lights. He grabbed his cell phone and started taking video.

Galbraith said, "They looked like they were flying in formation perfectly together and then whatever was dropping looked like it was burning real bright." Galbraith says he doesn’t believe the trails of white that dropped straight down from the red lights were flares. He says military flares don’t look like that. "They usually shoot out the sides, or they shoot down, and there are a lot of them and you could definitely hear them." He says there was no sound.

He says he could not make out the shape of the flying objects, but says they were unlike any plane or helicopter he has ever seen, and they were flying at an unusual altitude.

Lynette’s husband also witnessed the lights and streams. He was once an employee of a company that manufactured components for military flares.

Lynette says he could not identify what the flying objects were, but agrees with Galbraith’s assessment that what was being released was not a flare. “After a couple of seconds he knew it wasn’t a flare. He didn’t know what it was.”

No one else seems to know either. The control tower at the Provo airport had no reports of anything unusual last night, nor did the Utah County Sheriffs Department.

Salt Lake International’s control tower had no incidents documented, and officials at Camp Williams also had nothing to report. Both witnesses we talked to say the objects eventually just flew away.

Source: http://www.abc4.com/news/local/story/Strange-lights-appear-in-the-sky-above-Utah-County/Wo5f7K0sTEi6_tM5q_-hxg.cspx