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Steve Busti, owner of the world-famous Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas,  proudly announces the relaunch of Busti’s original comic book company from the 90’s, Flashback Comics, with their first new title in almost 20 years: Museum of the Weird!


Busti is returning to the comics industry, where he got his start in 1994, with a new comic series inspired by his own acclaimed tourist attraction in Texas.  He says the stories will be along the lines of an anthology, inspired by individual exhibits in the museum’s collection, but tied together by a cast of characters, including none other than a fictionalized version of Busti himself.


“The Museum of the Weird comic will have a heavy supernatural influence”, Busti says, “as well as deal with stories of  the fantastic and the unexplained, which includes delving into subjects such as aliens, ghosts and cryptozoology.”


The first issue, a special preview edition numbered #0, is available now at the Museum of the Weird’s gift shop, Lucky Lizard Curios & Gifts, and through their website, luckylizard.net.  It features original stories and art by Steve Busti, Lyle Blackburn and Eerie Eric. The series is planned to be available quarterly, with the next issue coming in early January 2014.


Cover to Museum of the Weird #0 comic book

Cover to Museum of the Weird #0 comic book

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