The Women Who Lead the Charge in Rogue Taxidermy

The field of Taxidermy has been the domain of more than just the family from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and your weird, creepy uncle. To the circus sideshow, taxidermy mad-skillz, and off the beaten path mad-skillz, were pretty much essential. Sewing together parts from different animals to make a new one is how the sideshow Gaffs began, most notably P.T.… Read more →


That Stuffed Nose Might Actually be a GIANT LEECH!

I don’t know if this is technically Halloweeny…it’s certainly the grossest story I’ve come across at least since the Rat Kings. Check out the unfortunate story of Scottish citizen Daniela Liverani. After a sightseeing trip through the lovely countryside of Vietnam, Daniela noticed her nose was bleeding a bit. Not thinking much of it, after returning to Edinburg, she saw… Read more →

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Mr. Morbid’s Moonlight Movie Madness Mayhem Massacre and MORE

That’s a lot of ‘M’s. And here’s another one: MAN, I love living in Austin, Texas. There’s always some new weird and cool thing around the corner (or hiding under the bed) to discover. Case in point…Mr Morbid’s Movie Massacre (shortened to keep myself from coming down with Carpal Tunnel. The Institution Theater, at 3708 Woodbury Dr. in Austin has… Read more →


Healer Licks Eyeballs to Cure Patients

There’s no shortage of ‘miracle healers’ out there. None are given much credence by the scientific community. As the American Cancer Society has stated, “available scientific evidence does not support claims that faith healing can actually cure physical ailments.” But that doesn’t stop folks who have been seeking miraculous cures from the blessed for centuries upon centuries. Generally speaking it’s… Read more →