Mr. Morbid’s Moonlight Movie Madness Mayhem Massacre and MORE

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Music Monday and The Museum…Buy One Ticket Get One Free

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The World’s Hairiest Car

October 12, 2014
The World’s Hairiest Car

Driving can be dangerous. I’ve had many a brush with death, coming a hair’s breadth from death because of my …READ MORE

The Walking Dead….Syndrome

October 11, 2014
The Walking Dead….Syndrome

There are a lot of seriously strange neurological disorders out there. The brain is a barely understood piece of wet …READ MORE

The Weird and Wonderful Sideshow Art of Fred G. Johnson

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Healer Licks Eyeballs to Cure Patients

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Budapest had a Smile Club to Stop People From Killing Themselves

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We Will Live Forever…or at Least our Virtual Twins Will

I’m ready for immortality. Much to my girlfriend’s chagrin, I’ve publicly let it be known I’m willing to be put …READ MORE

Woman Can Only Feel Free When She’s a Horse

I’m thinking we should really up the danger meter to Brony Defcon 2 (because Cloppers are already Defcon 3) because …READ MORE

The Tick That Will Force You to Become a Vegetarian

The ironically named “Lone Star Tick” (because God knows, we love our red meat in Texas), scientifically named Amblyomma americanum, …READ MORE