We Made the First Step Towards Making Star Trek a Reality!

They figured it out! The Star Trek transporter is here… at least the first step towards having one. German engineers created a machine which can scan, decompose, transport, and recompose an object anywhere in the world with the use of a 3D printer. These Germans were clearly Star Trek fans, for they nicknamed their new masterpiece, “Scotty”. The machine basically breaks… Read more →

slender man

The Most Terrifying Creature Ever “Slender Man” Found in Staffordshire

If you haven’t heard of Slender Man yet, you just enjoyed your last good night’s sleep. Slender Man is an eight foot skinny ghost like creature in a suit. His face is covered in a white sheet, giving him no facial features (until he shows his razor sharp teeth) and a ghost like presence. In the mythology of Slender Man,… Read more →

Existence-of-Bigfoot-Allegedly-Proved-by-Bulled-Proof-DNA-Study-2 copy

Hipster Bigfoot Found in Brooklyn?

Seems like a PBR drinking, fixed gear bicycle riding Bigfoot was found doing yoga… I mean walking around in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The video was shot Tuesday morning in Prospect Park by a hot toddy drinking local mustache aficionado probably filming a short film when all of a sudden a large, dark figure walked in the back of his… Read more →

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Comedy Legend Bobcat Goldwaith Makes a Thrilling Film About Bigfoot in “Willow Creek”

Everyone knows about the legend that is the Sasquatch caught on tape by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, some have even taken such a liking that they’ve devoted their life to finding this mysterious creature. Director Bobcat Goldwaith (of Police Academy fame) celebrates the passionate culture around the cryptozoological marvel. The movie follows in the (big)footsteps of the The Legend… Read more →


Cryptozoologist of 2014: Bill Munns

Bill Munns: a name better known in Hollywood circles than cryptozoological ones. Until recently. His career is one filled with awards and accolades for his extensive knowledge and experience in makeup and FX artistry. Emmys and Oscars decorate his shelves for his work on such films as “Mask” and on various Star Trek shows. So why is cyrptozoonews.com giving him… Read more →


The Real Sideshow Performers that Inspired “American Horror Story: Freak Show”

The tv show “American Horror Story” grabbed our attention, as well as that of anyone interested in sideshow attractions, with their latest hit season “Freak Show”, that follows the travails of a failing traveling circus and its performers. Despite some amount of grousing from clowns, who weren’t pleased by the portrayal of yet another scary clown on the show (sorry… Read more →


Myth and Legend Became Real in 2014

Many legends are born of historical fact, and become mythologized over time. Never was this brought to light as clearly as in the discovered reality behind the epic poems of Homer. His stories of the Trojan War and the adventures of Odysseus as collected in his “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” were originally assumed to be pure fiction until an amateur… Read more →