Send in the prehistoric clones

If you read our article from 2011, you may have been wondering when that woolly mammoth clone would be available? It may be closer than you think. A new laboratory in the icy wastelands of Siberia is devoted to cloning extinct animals, including the woolly mammoth. Located in Yakutia, the facility may have the largest collection of remains from prehistoric animals—everything from prehistoric… Read more →

There is no spoon

The word pareidolia has been bandied about quite a bit as a result of the strange pictures coming from Mars that seem to depict everything from a jedi woman to machinery. Now we have a strange picture that appears to be a spoon floating on Mars. NASA’s response is predictable: There is no spoon. This weird Mars feature is likely… Read more →

Message in a bottle over a century old!

April 17th, retired postal worker, Marianne Winkler, was walking along the shore of the German island of Amrum on the North Sea coast when she found something very curious on the beach. It was a well-sealed bottle with a message inside. The Winklers tried to get the bottle opened, but were finally forced to follow the directions to extract the paper:… Read more →

Underground wonder park

The building, standing alone in Transylvania, looks unassuming. It’s a little artsy building which could be a museum or a gallery. Indeed, there is art inside. Then, you step into the elevator and descend into an amazing site, an underground amusement park. This is Salina Turda, a medieval salt mine that was in operation as early as 1075. It ceased mining operations… Read more →

Bat looks like something from a horror movie

A newly discovered bat is the stuff of nightmares! This article by Mongabay introduces the Long -toothed Pipistrelle or Hypsugo dolichodon that was recently classified in Vietnam. Basically, that’s a mouthful describing a bat with a mouthful! It has enormous teeth, like something from a horror film! The picture on the right shows an artist rendering of this amazing bat, but you can… Read more →