A British Student Has Their Heart Set on Giving Birth on Mars.

A 24 year old student is on the shortlist to go to Mars as part of the widely controversial “Mars One” project. Maggie Lieu, an astrophysics student, is one of around six hundred people shortlisted with the possibility of becoming part of the first group of people to take permanent residence on Mars. Everyone has their reasons, but Lieu has… Read more →


UPDATE: The Creature From The Tuna Can Is More Horrifying Than You Could Ever Imagine!

Remember a few days ago when we learned about the scary creature that turned us all into vegetarians (or at least tuna brand snobs)? Well, scientist have looked into it, and it turns out this creature is far more terrifying than any of us could have come up with. Stuart Hine, a veteran from the Natural History Museum in London… Read more →


Meet the Woman Who Has Had More Than One Thousand Near Death Out of Body Experiences!

Beverly Gilmour of Lancashire claims to have had over one thousand out of body experiences that have all almost led her to her death. Beverly claims it all started back in 1987, and since then, has had three experiences a month, like clockwork. “I have an out of body experience and my heart stops.” Claims Ms Gilmour. “Most people who… Read more →


We Made the First Step Towards Making Star Trek a Reality!

They figured it out! The Star Trek transporter is here… at least the first step towards having one. German engineers created a machine which can scan, decompose, transport, and recompose an object anywhere in the world with the use of a 3D printer. These Germans were clearly Star Trek fans, for they nicknamed their new masterpiece, “Scotty”. The machine basically breaks… Read more →

slender man

The Most Terrifying Creature Ever “Slender Man” Found in Staffordshire

If you haven’t heard of Slender Man yet, you just enjoyed your last good night’s sleep. Slender Man is an eight foot skinny ghost like creature in a suit. His face is covered in a white sheet, giving him no facial features (until he shows his razor sharp teeth) and a ghost like presence. In the mythology of Slender Man,… Read more →

Existence-of-Bigfoot-Allegedly-Proved-by-Bulled-Proof-DNA-Study-2 copy

Hipster Bigfoot Found in Brooklyn?

Seems like a PBR drinking, fixed gear bicycle riding Bigfoot was found doing yoga… I mean walking around in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The video was shot Tuesday morning in Prospect Park by a hot toddy drinking local mustache aficionado probably filming a short film when all of a sudden a large, dark figure walked in the back of his… Read more →