Research Group Uses Volunteers Dressed Up as Monsters to Investigate How Sightings are Reported. 

There are a lot of Cryptozoologist and they all “want to believe”. Some may say that they rush a little too quickly to conclusions about what sightings are real and what are fake. A team from the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland have been pulling the upper hand on this by running a series of experiments to better… Read more →


Robot Vacuum Starts The Robot vs Human War Early and Attempts to Eat a Woman’s Head

We all know that the robots are just waiting for the opportune moment to turn on us and start the robot revolution against all humanity, but a vacuum robot in South Korea jumped the gun a little and tried to start the revolution early by attempting to eat a woman’s head.   A 52 year old woman residing in South… Read more →


The Prehistoric Guinea Pig was Over 1.5 Meters Big, and Probably Hung Out With Dinosaurs.

I grew up with a guinea pig, and they are some of the cuddliest, sweetest little buggers ever. However, two to four million years ago, they weren’t quite house pets. Josephoartigasia monesi (or “Big Rodent”), the cousin species to the guinea pig, existed in prehistoric times and was about the size of a bull. They had tusks they could use… Read more →


A British Student Has Their Heart Set on Giving Birth on Mars.

A 24 year old student is on the shortlist to go to Mars as part of the widely controversial “Mars One” project. Maggie Lieu, an astrophysics student, is one of around six hundred people shortlisted with the possibility of becoming part of the first group of people to take permanent residence on Mars. Everyone has their reasons, but Lieu has… Read more →


UPDATE: The Creature From The Tuna Can Is More Horrifying Than You Could Ever Imagine!

Remember a few days ago when we learned about the scary creature that turned us all into vegetarians (or at least tuna brand snobs)? Well, scientist have looked into it, and it turns out this creature is far more terrifying than any of us could have come up with. Stuart Hine, a veteran from the Natural History Museum in London… Read more →


Meet the Woman Who Has Had More Than One Thousand Near Death Out of Body Experiences!

Beverly Gilmour of Lancashire claims to have had over one thousand out of body experiences that have all almost led her to her death. Beverly claims it all started back in 1987, and since then, has had three experiences a month, like clockwork. “I have an out of body experience and my heart stops.” Claims Ms Gilmour. “Most people who… Read more →