Cliff Barackman of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot"

Since the release of the DNA results by Dr. Ketchum and her team of their study of the Russian “Bigfoot” hair, we’ve been scouring websites for any type of update or new information. Not much else has happened just yet but the great guys at have a bit to say and have found a recent interview of Finding Bigfoot’s lead researcher, Cliff Barackman, where he was asked about and weighs in on the research.

Cryptomundo writes:

Watching Finding Bigfoot co-host Cliff Barackman on G4’s Attack of the Showis like having Thanksgiving all over again. At least in the sense that you are reminded what you are thankful for. There are only a handful of people who make great ambassadors, represent serious Bigfoot research. We are thankful for that.

The Attack of the Show host, Matt Mira starts with the typical ribbing of the title “Finding Bigfoot,” since they have not found Bigfoot. Then he pivots and asks sincere questions about breeding populations, habitat, and then drops the bomb, “What do you think about the Bigfoot DNA study that came out last weekend?”

Watch the interview with Barackman on G4 here:


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